Saturday, August 23, 2014

My New Hobby??

This is me with my siblings and my cousins.


Ok raya dah lepas. I'm sorry coz I didn't wrote anything for few months. Actually malas sebenarnya nak kata. Now dah pukul 11:07 am. I've class at 2:30 pm nanti.. In these few hours ni atiey rasa rajin pula nak write something in this old dusty blog ni. Masa buka blog ni tadi, I've read my sister's blog.. Ok first, I won't comment anything. That's her private life. I'll respect that. Ahaha tak de motif. Saja je nk sebut pasal tu..

Yesterday, my class rep called me and she ask me to do a slideshow about Jaundice (Demam Kuning). Well, I've told you I'm a PBSM. Then, last night I've finished it at about 1 am you know.. I'm not complaining lah. Coz I start buat slide tu pon at 10 or 11 pm.. Ahahaha

Ok back to the real topic. Yesterday, I went to the town with my roommate, Pikah. Then, I go to the kedai gambar and I ask them to print out my pictures.. It's about 220 pieces. I know.. I know.. It's a lot. I had to pay about RM 132. A piece of picture cost RM 0.60 and I even bought two albums for these pictures.

Actually, I'm in dilemma you know. It's not about love but it's about money. For these few weeks, I've been to BOROS tau dok..  Macam mana ni..? huhuhu.. Kene ikat tangan ni.. BUT!! Atiey still puas pasal gambar tu.. Well, sebenarnya atiey memang suka cuci gambar. Zaman sekarang kan mana ada dah orang nk cuci gambar pastu simpan dalam album. Pastu nanti hilang lah.. Ter'delete' lah.. Tak ingat kat laptop mana lah.. Pastu hilang macam tu je.. Baik tak payah tangkap gambar. Gambar Muhammad masa baby tu pon dah tak tahu kat mana dah.. Seronok sebenarnya cuci gambar ni.. Simpan dalam photo album elok-elok.. Rasa puas je.. Yay! atiey dah jumpa dah hobi terbaru atiey.. Cuci gambar.