Thursday, September 29, 2016

Living Out?

Assalamualaikum guys.

Right now, I'm finishing my diploma and soon, I'm gonna have my degree. So, student life. Urghh..

But, I do have dreams. Everybody have dreams. One of mine is living outside the country. Malaysia's fine. Just fine but I do want to live outside Malaysia. I'm thinking South Korea or London or anywhere actually as long as it is other than Malaysia. Why?

Well, it's nothing. Like I said before. Malaysia's fine but I wanna gain experiences. I wanna see more. I wanna feel more. I wanna learn more. I wanna learn languages. Oh!! I do love languages. I wanna learn languages rather than anything. Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Latin, Germany. But learning languages need you to focus. So, I'm planing to learn Korean and Spanish when I'm finished my diploma. 

I don't travel but rather than travel, I prefer to stay one place, one country for at least 2 years. Not backpacking I say. 

The problem is family and work life. My family is very conservative. Traditional. So, living far away from my parents, family is quite difficult. My parents won't allow it I dare say. My mom prefer me to live nearby. Maybe she just afraid that she's gonna live alone when her children are all grown.

Work is another problem. I wanna be a lecturer. That is my another dream. Well, my dreams aren't synchronizing well isn't it? Hah! being a lecturer means that you need to live in Malaysia I think. So, goodbye 'living overseas'. 

p/s : what the fuck is this story? Don't mind me. I'm a weirdo.